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Event Impact Reporting

This form is meant to be filled out after a chapter event. The types of events we are looking for are community service, philanthropy, leadership development, academic support, and collaboration with other departments on campus. Examples include:

  • Academic Support Workshop
  • Community Service/Philanthropy event
  • Chapter Alumni event
  • Parent's Weekend
  • Leadership Conference
  • Leadership Development Workshop

If approved, this information will be shared with the FSL social media platforms/marketing efforts, Texas State's University Advancement, and local media outlets including The University Star. If you wish to submit an upcoming event, please complete the Request to Distribute form.

Contact Information

Event Details

Presenters (if any)

Event of Organizer (if different from above)

The Impact on the Community

By submitting this form you are agreeing to the use of all images and information used for the purpose of public relations, social media, and any other uses deemed appropriate by the DOS-FSL staff. Submission does not guarantee coverage.